As the COVID-19 pandemic surged and made its impact felt, digital has transformed the manner in which society and industries approach the everyday. The digital transformation plans of many an organization accelerated as they sought to pivot to the demands of a brave new reality. Change that might have taken years instead came to fruition in months or even weeks, as radical changes in how companies conduct operations took root. But while change might be inevitable, it almost always raises question marks, and there are those that still linger for many industry participants as they remain unsure of what lies in the offing.


As a slew of innovations swept across the pharma landscape – right across intelligent machinery, advanced analytics, new treatment modalities, and much more – it has become increasingly imperative for organizations to embrace a holistic approach to building culture and capabilities enabled by the technologies that underpin them. Modern-day business leaders understand that optimal quality outcomes are tied to culture and capabilities, but creating a structure that sustains this can be challenging. 


The solution lies in creating a “smart quality” framework, which would allow pharma companies to seize the initiative, helping them redesign key quality processes and create value for the organization by digitizing, automating, and integrating their quality controls, thereby optimising them for speed, effectiveness, and efficacy. 


Forward-looking companies have begun to do exactly this by firming up plans to implement an array of new technologies that characterize Industry 4.0—from connectivity to advanced analytics, robotics, and automation— over the next decade. This smart quality approach will empower pharma companies, helping them embed quality controls into critical functions such as development and manufacturing.


To better understand the implications and integration of these broad-ranging technologies, the Pharma CXO Roundtable brings together a cross-section of pharma leaders and C-suite influencers. These industry doyens will jointly deliberate about the skills, mindsets, and pathways needed to drive true digital transformation, and shed light on the latest developments and way forward for the industry.


This high-powered roundtable will focus on helping participants gain a fuller understanding of a few critical areas, such as:

  • Leading quality practices and problem-solving practices

  • Developing industry-leading mindsets and behaviours and how to embed them

  • Deploying traditional operational-excellence levers on your journey toward smart quality

  • Perceiving and delivering on multifaceted and dynamic customer needs

  • Leveraging breakthrough innovations to leapfrog existing QMS’


Director QA

Corporate Quality Head

Vice-President Quality

Chief QA

IT Quality


Dr. BM Rao, Ph.D.

VP & Head – EM QA, ASAT and CQC
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited,
Hyderabad, India

Rakesh Kavali

Lifesciences Solution Specialist,
Sparta Systems, A Honeywell Company

Dinesh Bellur Srinivasa

Director, Solution Engineering,
APAC, Sparta Systems,
A Honeywell Company

Manoj Mohan Chitnis

Corporate Quality Head at
J B Chemical Pharmaceutical Limited

Suveer Shrivastava

VP & Head Corporate Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, Aragen Life Sciences

Pramod Badve

Sr. Vice- President , Quality & Regulatory,

Pradeep Nagalkar

Head, Quality Control,
Haffkine Bio-Pharmaceutical Corp. Ltd.

Prashanth Vadde

Deputy General Manager
Quality Assurance, Granules

Abhinay Ajgaonkar

Head Of Quality Assurance
Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Rakesh Kumar

Head QA
Mj Biopharm


05.00 PM


6:00 PM

Welcome address by Bluetech Media

6:05 PM

Keynote address :

Pharma’s inflection point: From doing to being digital For many across the pharma and life sciences industry, digital is no longer just a buzzword in boardrooms; it is a strategic imperative. Digital innovation properly deployed can be a competitive differentiator, leapfrogging growth on an enterprise-wide basis.

Join us in this informative session to understand how this reality is being realized across the industry spectrum.

 6:30 PM

Reimagining quality through the lens of a smart approach

Panelists brings their rich industry experience to bear as they elaborate on how pharma companies have a gilt-edged opportunity to implement a smart approach to quality that goes well beyond execution and compliance.

Smart quality represents a paradigm shift that recognizes quality compliance as an enabler of enterprise value creation. This framework, which encompasses advanced technologies, modern process design techniques, and flexible ways of working, reimagines the approach taken to ensure quality, at a fraction of what it has historically cost, even as recently as 5 years ago.

7:15 PM

Decoding Digital Transformation: What will the Pharma Landscape of Tomorrow Resemble ?

  • The convergence of Pharma 4.0 and Quality 4.0: What it means for your organization
  • Why advancing life sciences through proactive quality is a critical differentiator in delivering patient value
  • Why adopting a data-centric mindset is pivotal to future growth

8:00 PM

Closing address by Bluetech Media

8:05 PM

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