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Information and knowledge sharing can transform the world as we know it. Medvarsity Online Limited brings to you a series of webinars and online summits in collaboration with industry leaders, medical experts, leading research organisations, and healthcare institutions. This is a series from the experts of the medical fraternity for the fraternity. 

By focusing our discourse on relevant medical discussion of today – infectious diseases, emergency medicine, pulmonology, healthcare management and the like – alongside medical fields that impact us daily such as cardiology, endocrinology, and nutrition to name a few, we aim to impact healthcare through education, learning and collective knowledge sharing. 

While Medvarsity leadsthe narrative for webinars designed to upskill doctors, nurses, paramedics and other healthcare professionals, our specialised verticals spearhead specifc audience-targeted events

Dosily.com  – medical knowledge for clinical and non-clinical personnel

HealthJobs.One – healthcare job seekers and recruiters, shifting specialisations,

BookMySim.One – skills and medical procedures for HCPs, ward sta, lab techs, etc


Upcoming Events

Apollo Group Series

Date Topic Speaker Brand

23 June

Multispecialty Slide Seminar
Dr. Swaranalatha Gowrishanker
Apollo Group
14 July
Sinonasal Tumors
Dr. Reena Bharadwaj
Apollo Group

AYUSH Doctors

Date Topic Speaker Brand

22 June

10 New Career Avenues
for AYUSH Graduates
Dr. Bala Sundar
Dr. Snigdha Chitnis


Date Topic Speaker Brand

25 August

Dr. Tapti Panda
27 Oct
Dr. Prof. Rooma Sinha

Mental Health

Date Topic Speaker Brand

28 July

Preventing Professional Burnout
Dr. Mitch Spero


Date Topic Speaker Brand

24 June

Telegenomics: Relevance in India
Prof K. Ganapathy


Date Topic Speaker Brand

30 June

Treatment of Breast Cancer
During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dr. Jay Harness
4 August
Dr Anees Chagpur
6 Oct
Dr. Manish Singhal


Date Topic Speaker Brand
8 Sep
Dr. Ramnik Mathur


Date Topic Speaker Brand
7 July
Interventional Pulmonology
and Sleep Medicine
Dr. Viswesvaran Balasubramanian

Technology in Medicine

Date Topic Speaker Brand
18 August
Real-world Data & Artificial
Intelligence in Healthcare
Dr. Uli K. Chettipally


Dr. Savita Menon

Clinical Psychologist and Wellness Expert

Ms. Alicia Paz

Business Owner at Online DBT Skills

Prof. Ged Byrne

Director, Global Engagement at Health Education, England

Dr. Jerry Jones

CEO at Medicus of Houston

Dr. Satabhisa Mukhopadhyay

Founder and Chief Scientist, 4DPath Inc.

Dr. Anant Madabhushi

Director, Center for Computational
Imaging and Personalized
Diagnostics (CCIPD)

Prof K. Ganapathy

Director, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation & Apollo Tele Health Services

Dr. Jerry Jones

CEO at Medicus of Houston

Dr. Jay Harness

Chief Medical Officer, Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, Ohio, USA

Dr. Swarna Shivakumar

Senior Consultant and HOD, Pathology and Cytology, Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore

Dr. Meenakshi Swain

Senior Consultant Pathologist,
Apollo Hospitals

Dr. Ayman El Attar

President, American Aesthetic Association, USA

Dr. Erkan Hassan

Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Sepsis Program Optimization, USA

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