Over the years it has become very clear that technology is changing the way financial services is consumed by customers across the globe. The pace of change is increasing and shows no signs of slowing and organizations are doing everything in their capacity to make sure they are well positioned to succeed in the future. There are various innovative technology driven influences that is pushing the envelope for the industry. Combining tactical short term actions with long term initiatives that tie to a larger strategic vision is the only way firms will succeed in 2021 and beyond.

The technological evolution unfolding before us is nothing short of extraordinary. The speed of technological evolution is making a huge impact on global economies accelerating globalization in an increasing digital world. Progressive financial services companies are on the lookout for new technologies to improve efficiency and speed of services as well as provide better customer experience. Organizations are leveraging information technology to drive exponential growth and transform financial services and customer experience management.

The financial services landscape is fundamentally changing. Today’s organizations need to shift to accommodate the opportunities and challenges created by new technologies and evolving customer needs. Join us at the BFSI InnoTech Summit to discover and discuss the evolution innovative and new-age technologies are bring to the financial services industry. This virtual summit is an opportunity to learn how business leaders and organizations are focusing on technological innovations to help the BFSI sector push the envelope to consistently be delivering.

  • The Indian Pharma Market is estimated to be ~18.5 Bn USD and has the potential to grow to ~USD 80-90 Bn USD in the next 10 years. India is ranked as 10th in value and will soon be 4th, is ranked 3rd in Volume and will soon be 2nd

  • Pharma, a well-established industry in India, combined with rising personal incomes and government healthcare outlays, is predicted to lead to annual average growth of around 16-17 per cent in the near future. Efforts to improve medical infrastructure, rising health pandemics, growing health insurance penetration and investments in research & development are amongst factors that will result in this growth.

  • Traditionally, the Indian pharmaceutical industry has focused primarily on generics as a business model, enjoying a leading position in the global generic pharmaceutical space, accounting for over 20% of global exports and nearly 80% of market share

Key Highlights


Thought leadership and Innovation is the need of the hour as the industry looks for the next big push.

New Chemical Entities (NCEs) take a long time to develop, often at a cost of over $1billion. Conversely, the development of a supergeneric is more comparable to that of a generic compound, as it has a known mechanism of action and an established safety and efficacy profile.

Biologics and Biosimilars is expected to be the next area for growth. The first Biosimilar in India was approved in 2000 and since then almost 100 biosimilars have been approved, majority of which have come in the last 5 years.

Now, it’s more important than ever, to have a crystal clear regulatory and reimbursement framework for these newer therapies.

As the industry is changing fast, we have to make sure that we are fleet-footed when it comes to adapting to technological advancements and manufacturing methods.

Newer tools in data sciences are paving way for faster processing of information resulting in increased ability to find hidden correlations and draw insights from the data.

The pharmaceutical industry has become one of India’s largest sectors, in terms of revenue as well as employment. As the country is moving towards making itself a global leader in end-to-end discovery and innovation, the talent landscape is also strengthening.

As the industry is changing fast, we have to make sure that we are fleet-footed when it comes to adapting to technological advancements and manufacturing methods.


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